Surrounded by an Aluminum extrusion frame with a black powder coat. Four corners radius is 10 mm pre-assembly in the panel. Noncombustible materials for walls

Corner ARC
Material Glass, Aluminum
Size 800mm*800mm
Thickness 5CM

The connection profiles are fundamental elements in clean rooms because they guarantee an adequate hygienic condition whilst allowing simple and immediate cleaning of the surface. Our range includes rounded profiles in extruded aluminum both for internal corners and external corners so that all the right angles created by the intersection between walls and false ceilings, between walls and floors and between walls and walls can be eliminated, hence avoiding the deposit of dust in places that are difficult to reach when cleaning

False ceiling / Partition wall / Floor connection profiles

All the intersections between partition walls, false ceilings and floors are carefully connected to each other using extruded aluminum profiles, of our own design, which are produced in scrupulous compliance with GMP indications.