Feasibility study of Walk-in Cold Rooms Project

Feasibility study of Walk-in Cold Rooms Project

14 Nov 2022

Feasibility study of Walk-in Cold Rooms Project

Feasibility study of Walk-in Cold Rooms Project (Cold Room) is one of the most important projects that can be implemented and one of the most profitable projects in the long term.

When conducting a feasibility study for the project of chiller or freezer rooms (Cold rooms), we must know the geographical location of the project. However, it is necessary to meet all the governmental requirements for the project to be carried out in a legal manner. These papers are extracted from the Ministry of Agriculture, after which a license is made for the facility where the project chiller and freezing stores (Cold Room) will be constructed. The rest of the papers will be identified from the Ministry of Agriculture.

How to choose the appropriate location for the cold rooms project?

When selecting the location for the chiller and freezer store (Cold Room), some important factors must be considered to ensure the project’s success:

  • An easily accessible site should be selected in a manner that is designed to facilitate the access of the various cargo carriers to the chiller and freezer storage (Cold Room).
  • Ensure that the electricity needed to operate the chiller and freezer storage (Cold Room) is legally available and the water is available.
  • It’s best to choose a location away from densely populated areas and local residences
  • It is recommended that you select the location of the chiller and freezer store (Cold Room) near the manufacturing area to save time and transportation costs.

Freezing tunnels

It is necessary to provide the freezing tunnels in the chiller and freezer stores (Cold Room) in some applications for these cold rooms, such as poultry and meat, for the possibility of achieving a certain cooling of -40°C, with the possibility of reaching the freezing range within 6-8 hours. The capacity of the tunnel is determined by the production capacity of the requested store.

The tunnel can be used for more than one cycle per day to move the product from the tunnel so that it is stored in freezing rooms with a temperature of negative 18 degrees Celsius. The storage time of each product varies according to the technical specifications of food schedules.

chiller and freezer storage (Cold Room) design

The design of the Chiller and freezer stores depends mainly on the space available to create the store as the space increases the initial cost of the construction and the operational cost increase. Operating costs vary based on the refrigeration units used and their electrical capabilities, and with increased power after a certain limit, a 380-volt current is required, resulting in a commercial meter, not a 220-volt normal meter.

Stored products are also different from cooler and freeze design factors, as different operating temperatures of each product will influence the choice of coolers, the thickness of the used Sandwich panel, wall spacing, and iso-thermal doors.

Common failures in chiller and freezer storage (Cold Rooms)

When doing a feasibility study for a cold room Project, we should identify common breakdowns to avoid, as there may be technical failures in the cold rooms and we will therefore present them to you to prevent them:

  • Reduced cooling capacity within the refrigeration and freezing store resulting in products not being well-cooled and not freezing.
  • The occurrence of electrical failures may cause a power reversal or decrease.
  • Refrigeration units are damaged by dust accumulation or rodents entering the units.
  • The cooling unit noise is louder than normal due to technical faults that may occur in cooling fans.

Factors to consider when measuring the temperature of chiller and freezer storage

  • The temperature of the chiller and freezer store must be kept below the temperature for the corruption of the stored products.
  • Maintain the appearance of stored products in their natural form during chiller or freezer to ensure they do not get rotten.

chiller and freezer warehouse (Cold Rooms) prices

Price is one of the most important elements of the feasibility study for the Coolant and Freeze Project, so we’re going to offer some of the most important pricing factors for the chiller & Freezer Storage Project:

  • Calculate the cost of creating the cooling and freezing warehouse.
  • Calculate the cost of the refrigeration and freezing units used based on the space of the chiller and freezer storage and the temperature required.
  • Calculate the cost of accessories for the chiller and freezer storage such as; iso-thermal doors, pipes, refrigeration units, and liquid tanks.
  • Calculate the costs of the wall spacing