Clean Room

Clean Rooms

09 Dec 2022

Clean Room partitions are constructed by PSI, built with different sizes and specifications to prevent or reduce the formation partitions are constructed by PSI, built with different sizes and specifications to prevent or reduce the formation and control of suspended or contaminated particles in a room because the partitions store highly sensitive products that must be kept in special circumstances to maintain their validity.

Clean Room Usage:

Cleanroom partitions are used in various manufacturing fields and scientific research, such as semiconductors manufacturing, biotechnology, and food industries, sterile medicine preparation and optical industry (optical fibers), or micro-mechanisms used in hospitals to eradicate germs Cleanroom partitions manufactured by PSI are also used in medical research because they contain a trim level of environmental pollutants, such as dust and microbes carried in air molecules and chemical fumes, which affect environmental scientific research.

Clean Room manufacturer:

The Cleanroom is manufactured in different volumes on demand whereas, PSI Company can construct a thousand square meter clean room walls for factories or large facilities to keep the stored products from contamination.

PSI is manufacture cleanroom partitions with European standards to ensure the highest quality, accuracy, and compliance with Ministry of Health standards.

PSI is distinguished with fast delivery, commitment to delivery dates, Also, perfect after-sales services and maintenance for the sold cleanroom partitions.

What factors are needed to control the purity of clean room partitions?

There are several factors that need to be followed to maintain cleanroom purity and reduce microbes, such as:

  • Moisture
  • Cleanroom pressure.
  • Airflow in and out of the cleanroom.
  • The temperature of the air flowing into the room.
  • Cleanroom workers’ clothing.

What industries and fields need clean room partitions?

  1. The microelectronics industry.
    The microelectronics industry is currently one of the industries that need cleanroom partitions. Also, liquid crystal and fiber optics are modern industries that require cleanroom partitions.
  2. Pharmaceutical industries such as medicines, hospitals, operating rooms, and laboratories
  3. The sterile food packaging industry and packaging bottles
  4. Clean rooms are used in other industries, such as the aviation industry, the micromachinery industry, the hardware industry, and the manufacturing of high-resolution micro chemicals.
  5. Clean room partitions. are used in the manufacture of medicines and cosmetics.
  6. It is used in the manufacture of medical supplies.