Chiller and freezer rooms

Chiller and freezer rooms Components

02 Nov 2022

Chiller and freezer rooms are low-temperature rooms made in different spaces for storing and keeping products from rotten.

At Egypt for Panel and Steel Industries ″PSI″, we care about making the cold rooms more efficient because we are using high-quality materials to ensure a defective product that can operate for a long time with minimal disruption.

No matter how challenging your environment is and how many products you need to store, Egypt for Panel and Steel Industries ″PSI″ ensures you trust, quality, efficiency, and also after-sales service as we provide the longest warranty period for our products with a duration of up to 18 months.


Chiller & Freezer Room (Cold Room) Components:


Chiller and freezer rooms types

Egypt for Panel and Steel Industries ″PSI″ manufactures standard chiller and freezing rooms (Cold Rooms), and there are four standard types of coolers:


Chiller and freezer rooms use

Chiller and freezer rooms are used to store a large number of products that need to be kept at low temperatures to maintain their validity and protect them against damage.

Food products are those products that need to be stored at low temperatures so they don’t get rotten.

Therefore, every product must meet the appropriate storage requirements, and therefore every product needs a specific circumstance, temperature, chiller or freezer room.


What products should be kept in walk-in cold rooms?

  • Many vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes, and many other vegetables.
  • Dairy products of all kinds, such as milk, yogurt, and cheese.
  • Meat products of all kinds, such as red meat, eggs, chicken, and fish.


What are the advantages of the chiller and freezer rooms (Cold Rooms)?

One of the most important advantages of walk-in cold rooms is maintaining food and products that require low-temperature storage through thermal insulation by using chemicals to prevent leakage through walls and doors to keep products from harm for as long as possible is a general advantage of traditional walk-in cold rooms.

What are the prices of walk-in cold rooms (chiller and freezer rooms) in Egypt?

Walk-in cold room prices vary based on quality, efficiency, and manufacturer. Prices are determined depending on:

chiller or freezer room type, chiller or freezer room size, technologies in the chiller or freezer room, cost of labor responsible for the installation of the chiller or freezer room and their efficiency, and the nature of materials used in the cold room.

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The difference between chiller and freezer rooms?

The difference between the chiller and freezer rooms is in temperature, as the temperature of the freezing room is much lower than the chiller, which allows the product quality to be kept longer without changing.

The cooling process of a walk-in cold room is to temporarily keep products intact, unlike a freezing room. It preserves the shape, color, smell, and flavor of products through the ice that’s formed around them.

Another difference between the chiller and the freezer rooms is that the freezer rooms need to add some components, such as increasing floor thickness, and insulation layers, installing a pressure equalizer and giving the door throat a heated wire.


Walk-in Cold rooms

It’s a temperature-controlled room that doesn’t reach the freezing point; the walk-in cold rooms are designed for products that need to be stored for short period and don’t need to be kept for so long.


Freezing rooms

They are a type of walk-in cold room that large factories need to keep their products for a very long time. They have very low temperatures, which can go as far as freezing, which helps prevent reactions and prevent bacterial activity altogether throughout the storage period.


Installation of chiller or freezer rooms

Egypt for Panel and Steel Industries ″PSI″ has a dedicated team of qualified engineers and technicians to install and maintain the chiller or freezer rooms (Cold Rooms).


chiller and freezer rooms for sale

Egypt for Panel and Steel Industries ″PSI″ manufactures modern walk-in cold rooms products at competitive prices in the Egyptian market, with the specifications and quality of the European product and the best after-sales service.

We offer all refrigeration and freezing room products for sale through the website or by calling the following numbers: